Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Banned In Europe

Samsung's latest tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1, banned from sale in Europe. Because Samsung is considered to have violated the copyright and copying of Apple Inc's technology. which also issued a new tablet computer products, iPad 2.

According to The Telegraph, the decision was the verdict of the court in Dusseldorf, Germany. Ban the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 applies to all EU member states, except the Netherlands.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 101

Court judge apparently supports the claim that Samsung has violated Apple's intellectual property belongs to them and copy number of elements on the iPad 2. Samsung party could appeal the court ruling.

This marks the onslaught of competition between Apple and Samsung in the business of tablet computers. Incidentally their flagship products, namely iPad 2 and Galaxy, sold well in overseas markets.

Two products that have almost the same quality and has the advantages of each. Galaxy carrying the program made ​​by Google's Android while Apple iPad use iOS. Competition both companies not only in the market, but has expanded into an argument in court. Apple and Samsung recriminations that they plagiarized competitor’s technology.

This time, Apple won the battle in the courts of Europe. Consequently, all Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is already in store shelves in Europe had to be removed and may not be sold. Samsung is also prohibited from marketing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Europe.

According to copyright observer, Florian Muller, Apple had also filed separate lawsuits in the Dutch court. This order also to ban the Tab Galaxy sold in that country because of copyright infringement.