Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sony Vs LG Patent Fight Ended

LG Electronics and Sony have completed a patent dispute between them. Mentioned both, issues patents covering technology smartphones, TVs and Blu-ray is completed by signing a cross-licensing agreement. "We agreed to end the patent infringement case," said a spokesman for LG. Sony also confirmed the same thing, but declined to comment further.

As known, Sony and LG for a long time involved patent feud, covering a number of products marketed in Europe and the United States (U.S.). Disputes between the two technology giants began since both failed to renew the collective agreement that ended about three years ago.

Sony complained about this to the International Trade Commission (ITC), United States, and sought to block the LG not to ship a product that violates the patent to the U.S.. LG responded with a complaint of Sony's PlayStation 3 has violated its Blu-ray technology.

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