Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Only Took 2 Months For Samsung Galaxy S II To Break 5 Million Sales

Samsung Galaxy S 2

Since its launch on 29 April, Samsung Galaxy S II has now sold more than 10 million units worldwide. According to Samsung Electronics, the company's second-largest mobile phone maker after Nokia, this is the fastest selling mobile phone among other Samsung products.

In fact, to break the sale of 5 million units, Samsung Galaxy S II only took two months. Samsung's first Galaxy II was launched in South Korea on 29 April and was followed in several European countries in May. While in China recently introduced in July and in the United States in September.

"In just five months of the Samsung Galaxy S II has demonstrated the fantastic sales figures. This shows the strong support of our partners, "said JK Shin, head of Samsung's mobile phone unit, in a press release.

Shin added, this year Samsung plans to sell smart phones Samsung Galaxy S II, which uses Google's Android operating system, is more than 10 million units worldwide. This is part of Samsung's sales target.

Sales of Samsung Galaxy S II in South Korea reached 3.6 million units, 3.4 million units in Europe and in Asia as many as 2.3 million units. Despite opposition from its main competitor, Apple, but Samsung remained optimistic sales Galaxy S II will continue to grow.

For comparison, the Samsung S Galaxy, the first version of this smart phone, has sold over 14 million units worldwide since its launch in June 2010.

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