Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPad Mini With 7 Inch Screen To Launch In 2012


The tablet market is still growing and there are alternatives on the market despite the iPad, Android in the first place, the device of Apple dominates the industry. But the situation could change with the arrival of an important competitors such as Amazon, which is launching the Kindle Fire just $199. For this reason, back in vogue, rumors of an iPad Mini, so called not because of the smaller size, but for the reduced price.

The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch screen and a dual core CPU, and everything will run under Android operating system. Apple would then thinking to compete with Amazon offering an iPad Mini in the area between Ipad 2 and iPad, iPod Touch, they speak of a reduction in price but not the screen, and in this regard, it looks more like Steve Jobs has repeatedly ruled out the arrival of a tablet the size smaller because in his opinion would not be comfortable to use.

According to some Chinese suppliers of Apple, who remained anonymous, iPad Mini should have a price which is around $200 and its launch was planned for early 2012, followed by the arrival of the iPad 3, more powerful and that seems to arrive shortly after, ie in the second quarter.

An iPad Mini should be low cost to attract a wider audience, ie those consumers who consider the price iPad 2 too expensive, and probably once again outperform the competition, which already has had great difficulty to steal a small portion of the market for the expensive iPad, and iPad 2.