Friday, October 7, 2011

Kindle Wireless Reader Could Beat Apple iPad on Sales?

Kindle Fire Tablet officially launched 5 days ago. Direct sales exploded. First day sales skyrocketed to 100 thousand units. Although reported no match for the iPad sales, Kindle Fire consumers have proven themselves.

Now, the Amazon tablet was getting off with pre-order sales to 250 thousand units in less than a week. Average per day the Kindle Fire released 50 thousand units, according to official documents leaked on the internet. Site Cult of Android to get some screenshots from an internal inventory management system that shows the overwhelming demand for the precious tablets which sells for under the $200's.


Predictions, if the request with current speed and capacity until the official launch November 15, Amazon must prepare a minimum of 2.5 million packs.
Apple iPad 2 off 2.5 million in the first month of its release last spring. Possible Fire Kindle will achieve that number is less than the time before the tablet  even visited the virtual shelves around the world.

Apple will not allow iPad pre-orders exceed 6 week. Excellent opportunities for Amazon to release the largest number of tablets in a matter of weeks after launch. Have you joined Kindle Fire party?