Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Galaxy Nexus Has Arrived

Let's start off with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, rightly defined by many in these days, as the new Google phone's successor Nexus S and Google had entered the smartphone market just over a year ago.
There are no keys whistles, but only unled scroll at the bottom. The edges were decreased compared to the Samsung S2 Galaxy and the screen so it is even larger with a size of 4.65. Since SuperAmoled HD should be the best on the market for color and contrast.
There will be two models: LTE (4G) as thin as ever and HSDPA +, which should arrive in Europe a little more pronounced, but still very thin.
The date of removal, including in Europe, including Italy, will be in November, probably in the first 20 days. The price has not yet been officially announced, but should be around $ 699.
The technical features in detail are as follows:
- 1.2GHz dual core processor
- Screen HD SuperAmoled 4.65 'with a resolution of 1280 × 720 in 16:9
- Camera and video camera 5 megapixels hd
- Android 4.0 installed Sandiwich Ice Cream
- Wi-Fi
- Internet connection LTE and HSPA +